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why TAO?

taoAppThe fish swim in the water, but they don’t realize ‘the water’
The birds fly, riding the wind, but they don’t realize ‘the wind’
Man exists inside The Tao, but doesn’t realize ‘The Tao’

The word “tao” has many meanings. But for us, it’s simply “the way”: a path to something greater, something more important. For your event, that means a catering experience that goes further than the food and the service. We bring an unmatched passion to not only how we cook, but how we serve. This is more than a business to us – it’s fun! And when food becomes fun, it becomes a real event. The upshot – you get great food, impeccable service, and a real connection with people who genuinely care about doing this. In other words, this is about so much more than serving up great grub – it’s about building relationships in a real way, over real things we all care about.

More importantly, it’s about creating a vibe that goes further than the event at hand. No, we’re not trying to exaggerate or be weird. The truth is that everything we do has an effect – rippling out and touching people in totally unexpected ways. In fact, it’s quite amazing what happens as a result of the events we cater and the meals we serve; something that goes far beyond our great burgers or killer steaks.

And in case you’ve wondered how to pronounce it, “Tao” is exactly like “Dow” as in “Dow Jones.”

For more on what we like to call the “TAO effect”, check out our sister initiative: FOOD FIGHT